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Learn to Locate Hard to Find Debtors

Expert consultation in the most effective skip-tracing procedures improves debt recovery results. Many banks, consumer finance companies, and other financial institutions prefer to work with consultants who have the latest skip-tracing techniques and tools that are useful, when trying to locate hard-to-find debtors. These sophisticated tools increase successful debt recovery efforts in a cost-efficient manner. Increased debt recovery with lower costs has a direct positive impact on the bottom line. Nevertheless, to collect a debt, the first step is to locate a debtor who intentionally tries to be difficult to find.

Here are some of the tools used to locate hard-to-find debtors:

Address Search℠

This skip-tracing tool gives comprehensive and accurate information about other known addresses for a debtor.

Address Update

This service checks information about the addresses of customers for accuracy to make it easy to stay in contact with good accounts and reduce write-offs from bad accounts.

Collection Report

The information in this skip-tracing report helps to make collection efforts when recovery is most likely.

Collections Recovery Tool℠

This tool focuses on commercial accounts. It provides alternate contact information, such as other addresses and telephones for the owners of the business.

Credit Profile Report

Using proprietary “search-n-match” algorithms, credit and location information is efficiently scanned for possible matches, which increases locator effectiveness.

File One Phones℠

This database has over 220 telephone numbers for consumers that come from inquiries for credit approvals. This provides more current and accurate information than directory assistance, since the consumer information is usually more current.


This is a proactive tool using bankruptcies, deceased records, and other important data to recognize accounts with a greater risk of default. This is helpful in the earliest stages of any efforts to collect. It reduces risk surrounding legal issues with an optimization of resources.


This database has information on 19 million businesses and over 140 million consumers. This tool also helps optimization by finding accurate contact information that helps increase recovery rates.

Social Search

This database is useful when confirming an individual’s identity using their social security number. This crosscheck between social security numbers and information on a consumer application helps prevent and detect issues with identity theft. TrueTrace℠ This tool is useful to locate consumers who have thin credit files or those who do not use many banking services (under-banked). Contacting the correct party increases with the inclusion of the search of wireless phone numbers. Consultation with an expert that has over twenty years experience in debt recovery determines what tools are most appropriate for particular debt recovery efforts. Contact us today for further information.

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